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Welcome to St. George's
Welcome to St. George's

Town of St. George's Canada 150 Skating Party & Santa Claus Parade 2017
We wish to advise our residents that on Sunday December 10th, we have some wonderful activties happening; First through a Federal Government Micro Grant we will be having a free Skating Party from 2:15 to 4:30 pm - free Bowling .... [Read more]
Updated: Wednesday, November 22, 2017   3:13 pm

Agenda - Special Meeting
The agenda for the Special Meeting of November 20th can be found under the Municipality Tab - Minutes.
Updated: Friday, November 17, 2017   4:14 pm

Helmet Usage Mandatory - Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium
We wish to advise our residents that helmet usage is mandatory effective immediately for all skating activities at Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium. We believe in safety first and protecting all users at this facility. Persons not wearing helmets .... [Read more]
Updated: Tuesday, November 7, 2017   10:17 am

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Mayor's Message


December 5th, 2016 To all Residents,

On behalf of myself, the Deputy Mayor, Councillors and Staff, I’d like to wish the Residents of the Town of St. George’s a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. May peace, happiness and health be yours now and throughout 2017. We are grateful and privileged to have served this great community throughout 2016 and we thank you for your community spirit and support.

The past year has seen some significant changes as we’ve all been challenged with the outfall of the provincial budget that was directed at reducing the deficit, thus increasing provincial taxes. Through hard work, determination, diligence and a concentrated financial effort I’m very pleased to announce that our residents will not see any increases in Municipal Taxation for 2017. There have been some changes to our Permitting costs and we ask that all residents visit the town website to make themselves familiar with the published tax structure.

We’d like to give special thanks to all community volunteers, without the donation of time and resources our community would not be able to thrive in the way that it does. From our volunteer Fire Fighters, Minor Hockey volunteers, Ladies Auxiliary and all volunteer groups within our Town we are grateful for your service.

Many thanks to Corporate Sponsors who have provided donations such as the Electronic Speed Radar sign and the Family Skate program, with your generous support we have provided for our children’s safety as well as provided them family recreation in a fun environment at no cost.

The Council would like to thank the Staff for a year of hard work which has resulted in many goals of the Town being achieved, these achievements are an example of dedication, determination and professionalism. Our staff has developed a safety culture through teamwork with the philosophy of “every employee home safely” everyday. So, we thank you on behalf of the town for the sacrifice, the efforts and the good work.

We want to send out a genuine thank you to our residents. Our community would not be what it is today without having such wonderful residents to share it with. We hope that you all share the belief that the Town of St. George’s is a great community and a great place to live.

In closing, just a reminder please subscribe to our newsletter through the town website, you’ll get emails about all upcoming events, including water outages, recreation, etc. The Town Office will be closed from 24 December 2016 and reopening 3 January 2017. Again, Merry Christmas from the Town of St. George’s.

Daniel Conway Mayor Town of St. George’s


October 3rd, 2016 NEWSLETTER

To all Residents:

We have been busy throughout the past year responding to the needs of the town from water & sewer repairs, new installations, snow removal, general maintenance and many other activities that keep our Public Works and Office Staff quite busy.

In February of 2016 we hired a new Town Manager – Mrs. Jocelyn Butt who has been working diligently to address the many challenges a town is faced with over the course of several months.

We have been working with our Animal Control Officer in the enforcement of the Town’s Cat and Dog Regulations. For residents who are unaware, the roaming of cats and dogs is strictly forbidden within our municipal boundaries.

We are attaching to this newsletter the Snow Cleaning Procedures which are effective October 4th, 2016. Our residents are asked to please refrain from shovelling, plowing or cause to be shovelled or plowed any residue snow from a driveway, parking lot or adjoining property unto any roadway/sidewalk within the municipal boundaries of the Town.

A concentrated effort to collect Taxes as per the invoices sent out to our residents/businesses each January has met with good results. In order for the Town to run effectively we must have a guaranteed revenue stream, therefore your invoice will state that property taxes/business taxes and utility taxes must be paid by 31 March in the year in which they are levied. Water & Sewer taxes are paid quarterly at the end of March, June, September and December in the year in which they are levied. Taxes will not be carried over from year to year. We understand that this information hasn’t been portrayed to our residents the way it should have been and the education process has been trying for some. To that end, we’d like to offer our residents a payment plan which will be comprised of 12 equal payments and this can be achieved through Post Dated Cheques (unfortunately we do not at this time have the capability to process auto-debit). If you wish to avail of this payment plan; cheques will need to be provided no later than 28 January, 2017 for the entire 12 months. Cheques maybe dated for the last day of each month.

The public is welcome at our monthly council meetings which are conducted the first Monday of each month unless the Monday is a holiday then the meeting will be conducted the second Monday of the month. If you wish to speak at a Council Meeting then you must inform the Town Clerk no later than the Friday noon prior to the Monday council meeting.

Municipal elections will be held in 2017 and you will see correspondence with respect to the election throughout 2017.

Our website is a valuable information asset that informs our residents of all activities, outages and events related to the Town if you haven’t signed up for email notifications please visit our website at and sign up.

The Town Hall and Fire Hall buildings will be undergoing renovations this fall, this will result in a temporary closure of the Library plus the Town Office being temporarily relocated to the Stadium, all information pertaining to when this will happen will be available on our website.

Lastly, the Council and Staff wish all of our residents a happy fall and we look forward to what the New Year will bring. Your questions and concerns are always welcomed and as such we are here to serve the municipality with professional and thoughtful governance.


Daniel Conway


Town of St. George’s

Updated: Tuesday, October 4, 2016   8:57 am

Welcome Home

A warm welcome to all of you who are coming from away this year to be with us as we celebrate our 50th birthday.
We hope that each and every one you will have the  opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends.
St. George's is known for its friendliness and warm hospitality! May all of you enjoy a small part of it!
Mayor Danny Conway

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