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Welcome to St. George's
Welcome to St. George's


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Town of St. George's Canada 150 Skating Party & Santa Claus Parade 2017

We wish to advise our residents that on Sunday December 10th, we have some wonderful activties happening; First through a Federal Government Micro Grant we will be having a free Skating Party from 2:15 to 4:30 pm - free Bowling will be available at this time as well. Second the fun moves upstairs where a Pizza Party for those attending will be held along with a Children's Gingerbread Cookie Baking Contest with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes!! Lastly the day will end with the Santa Claus Parade where treat bags & pictures with Santa will top off this exciting day!!! Deputy Mayor Tanya Messervey & Councillor Rhonda Cramm are working hard as Santa's Elves to make sure this is a memorable day for the children in our community, please make every effort to attend this event. Anyone interested in putting a float in the Parade can contact the office at 647-3283 and we'll pass this information along.

Updated: Wednesday, November 22, 2017   3:13 pm NFLD

Agenda - Special Meeting

The agenda for the Special Meeting of November 20th can be found under the Municipality Tab - Minutes.

Updated: Friday, November 17, 2017   4:14 pm NFLD

Helmet Usage Mandatory - Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium

We wish to advise our residents that helmet usage is mandatory effective immediately for all skating activities at Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium.  We believe in safety first and protecting all users at this facility.  Persons not wearing helmets will not be allowed on the ice surface.  Have a happy ice season and keep your head protected. 

Updated: Tuesday, November 7, 2017   10:17 am NFLD

Agenda - Regular Council Meeting November 6th, 2017

Our residents are advised that the Agenda for the next Council Meeting has been published under the Municipality Tab - Minutes.  The Council Meeting will be held at the Town Office 6 November, 2017 7:00pm.

Updated: Friday, November 3, 2017   9:49 am NFLD

Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium Opening

We wish to advise our residents that the Stadium (Ice Rink) will be opening on Friday November 3rd, 2017 at 4:00 pm for a first scheduled event at 4:45pm.  We hope everyone has a fun filled hockey/ice skating season.  Somethings to keep in mind are children must be supervised/accompanied by an adult - we had several children under the age of 8 that were dropped off without parental or adult supervision last year and many that were not picked up when skating was over.  The stadium is closed 1 hour after the last daily booking.  We want everyone to have the most enjoyable experience possible at our Recreation Facility.  A decision on mandatory helmet wear will be announced early next week.    

Boil Water Order Lifted

Residents are advised that the boil water order for 456 Main Street to the end of Shallop Cove has been lifted effective immediately.

Updated: Wednesday, November 1, 2017   1:59 pm NFLD

Happy Halloween

We ask that residents please drive with care and caution today as children will be out for Halloween trick or treating in our community.  Halloween wishes are being sent your way for a pleasantly frightful day and a delightfully magical night. May the spirit of Halloween be with you.


Updated: Tuesday, October 31, 2017   2:00 pm NFLD

Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium Schedule - Update

Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium Ice Rink will be opening 3 November 2017 vice 1 November 2017 this is due to the warm temperatures we experienced this past week.  Users are reminded that they may experience some weekend cancellations as Minor Hockey Tournaments will be hosted this year.  Please see schedule to the left for the period 03 November to 05 November, 2017.  Users are reminded that they must provide a minimum of 3 hours cancellation notice (preferably 24 hours notice if possible), notice is required for scheduling purposes.  Much work has been performed at the Stadium over the past summer, which includes LED Lighting over the ice surface, new netting and fencing above the glass in front of the stands, painting, cleaning, updating of hooks, repairs to change rooms, showers and washrooms.  We sincerely hope that all users enjoy their experience and we look forward to fun filled ice season at our Recreational Facility.  To make changes to scheduling or book ice time please call 647-3283 Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or 649-8663 after office hours.  You may also make bookings at the Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium Office when open or by calling 647-3741. 

Updated: Friday, October 27, 2017   1:40 pm NFLD

Garbage Pick-Up Change

We wish to advise our residents that effective 10 November, 2017, all residential garbage will be picked up on Friday's only.  Residents who previously had pick-up on Thursday's will now move to Friday's.  Please mark your calendar as starting the week of 5 - 11 November, 2017 pick up for all residential garbage will be on Friday's only.  The last pick up for Thursday will be 2 November, 2017.  

Updated: Thursday, October 26, 2017   4:53 pm NFLD

Drug Awareness Session - Reminder

The Town of St. George's will be hosting a Drug Awareness Session on 26 October, 2017, please see poster to your left for all pertinent information.  We hope to see you there!

Updated: Thursday, October 26, 2017   10:32 am NFLD

Partial Boil Water Advisory Lifted

A partial boil water advisory has been lifted from 34 Court House Road up to 70 Court House Road and all addresses in between.  

Updated: Tuesday, October 24, 2017   9:03 am NFLD

Dog Control Regulations

We wish to advise our residents that we've received a number of calls regarding roaming dogs.  Allowing dogs to roam within our municipal boundaries is strictly prohibited.  In accordance with the Dog Control Regulations Paragraph 10 it states - "Every owner of a dog within the Town shall keep such dog safely tethered or penned up at all times, except when it is under the immediate control of some person capable of controlling it at the time."  Paragraph 14 states - "Prosecution under these regulations may be taken summarily by the Council or any Police Constable."  Further, Paragraph 15 states - "Any person who is guilty of an offence against these regulations, or who acts in contravention of or fails to comply with any provisions thereof, or neglects or refuses to do so, shall be liable on summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200.00) or in default or payment thereof to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ninety (90) days or to both such fine and imprisonment." We respectfully ask that all dog owners abide by the Dog Control Regulations.    

Leading Edge Credit Union Free Family Skate

We are extremely pleased to advise our residents that the Leading Edge Credit Union ​will be sponsoring a Free Family Skate on Sunday afternoons from 2:15 to 3:15 commencing 5 November 2017 and recurring weekly throughout the ice season.  The free hour of family skate promotes recreation, a healthy lifestyle, it enhances community spirit and family unity.  The Town of St. George's acknowledges with grateful appreciation the sponsorship provided to our community by the Leading Edge Credit Union.

Updated: Monday, October 23, 2017   2:58 pm NFLD

Emera Newfoundland & Labrador Free Family Skate

We are extremely pleased to advise our residents that Emera Newfoundland & Labrador will be sponsoring the Free Family Skate on Sunday afternoons from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm commencing 5 November, 2017 recurring weekly throughout the ice season.  The free hour of family skate promotes recreation, a healthy lifestyle, it enhances community spirity and family unity.  The Town of St. George's acknowledges with grateful appreciation the sponsorship provided to our community by Emera Newfoundland & Labrador.

Updated: Monday, October 23, 2017   1:33 pm NFLD

Water Interruption

Residents are advised that the water will be off from 456 Main Street to the end of Shallop Cove effective immediately for approximately 15 - 45 minutes.  Once the water is returned to service a precautionary boil water order will be in place.  Residents will be advised once the boil water order has been lifted.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Updated: Thursday, October 19, 2017   10:15 am NFLD

Town Office

We wish to advise our residents that we will be re-opening at 195 Main Street Street on 19 October, 2017 at 9:00am.  The construction will be ongoing for the next few weeks and we ask that our residents use caution when entering and exiting the building.  The parking lot in front of building will be congested for the next few weeks as the contractors continue to work.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Updated: Wednesday, October 18, 2017   1:39 pm NFLD

Indiscriminate Dumping

We wish to advise our residents that indiscriminate dumping is strictly prohibited within our Municipal Boundaries.  We were advised this morning that Moose carcass parts had been dumped over the past weekend between Pelley's Lane & Woodland Drive close to the bank on privately owned property.  The Town provides weekly household garbage collection as well as a Clean Up Week every spring and there are no tipping fees for the month of October at the Landfill.  Persons who indiscriminately dump put a burden on all taxpayers as Town resources must be used to address this problem.  We are asking if anyone has information related to the dumping that is described above, to contact the Town Office.  Let's work together to end indiscriminate dumping.  We wish to advise those who are dumping within the town boundaries that dumping is strictly prohibited and is a chargeable offence.  All dumping is reported to the RCMP.

Updated: Wednesday, October 18, 2017   1:24 pm NFLD

Partial Boil Water Advisory Lifted

We wish to advise our residents that the Partial Boil Water Advisory has been lifted, this was in place from 456 Main Street to the end of Shallop Cove.

Updated: Thursday, October 12, 2017   4:03 pm NFLD

General Bowling

We wish to advise our residents that General Bowling has started!!  General bowling is every Friday and Saturday evening from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  Come on out and bowl a few games, bowling is a fun, social activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Office Closure - Moving

We wish to advise our residents that the Town Office is moving from the Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium back to the Town Building at 195 Main Street.  The office will be closed for three (3) days to conduct the move 16, 17 & 18 October, 2017.  Should you experience any emergency during the aforementioned timeframe, please call 647-3283.  When the work is 100% completed an announcement will be made on this website as to when the official re-opening ceremony will be conducted.

Updated: Wednesday, October 11, 2017   11:38 am NFLD

Office Closure - Statutory Holiday

We wish to advise our residents that the Town Office will be closed on Monday 9 October, 2017 in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Updated: Friday, October 6, 2017   11:40 am NFLD

Happy Thanksgiving

On behalf of the Town of St. George's we wish our residents a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Free Residential Drop Off - October 2018

We wish to advise our residents that during the month of October residential drop off at the Landfill will be free.

St. George's Medical Clinic

  The Town of St. George’s and Western Health would like to clarify a matter which has been presented on social media regarding staffing of the St. George’s Medical Clinic.   St. George’s and Jefferies Medical Clinics are currently staffed with Nurse Practitioners who are supported with Physician coverage from Stephenville. During vacation or extended absences in either clinic, the remaining Nurse Practitioner provides support for both clinics for continued local coverage. This model has been in place for two years. In the event of a change in employment of a Nurse Practitioner, this coverage model will immediately come into effect.   Western Health is actively engaged in recruitment for Nurse Practitioners for the Bay St. George region.   To date, a number of graduating Nurse Practitioners and local nurses interested in pursuing a Nurse Practitioner education have been identified. It is anticipated that vacancies in the region would be filled with one of these candidates.   Western Health and the Town of St. George’s would like to reassure residents of its commitment to ongoing service provision within the local Medical Clinic.

Updated: Wednesday, October 4, 2017   4:49 pm NFLD

Emergency Water Shut Off

We wish to advise our residents that due to a water install/repair we need to conduct an immediate water shut-off from approximately 456 Main Street to the end of Shallop Cove.  The repair will take approximately 2 hours, once complete the water will be returned to service, however a precautionary boil water order will be in place for that area of town only until otherwise notified.

Updated: Tuesday, October 3, 2017   2:44 pm NFLD

Town Council

Town Council
Congratulations are extended to the new Town Council. From left to right Councillor Conrad White, Councillor Mike Fleming, Councillor Andy Tobin, Mayor Danny Conway, Councillor Rhonda Cramm-Blanchard, Councillor Roland Williams, Deputy Mayor Tanya Messervey.
Updated: Tuesday, October 3, 2017   2:00 pm NFLD

Chair Lift (Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium) Update

We wish to advise our residents that the chair lift is back in operational order at the Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium.

Emera - Notice

We wish to advise our residents of the following Emera Notice.   Public Notice Transmission Line Construction Work for the Maritime Link Project   EUS-Rokstad Joint Venture (ERJV), the HVdc transmission line contractor for the Maritime Link Project, is currently installing an HVdc transmission line between Bottom Brook and Cape Ray.   As part of this work, the lines will be spliced together or terminated every 2.5 km with a conductor sleeve. This is a safe and highly controlled activity that creates a loud sound when the wires are joined together.   ERJV would like to notify local community members that they can expect to hear a loud sound similar to a clap of thunder or fireworks, up to 3 km away from each wire splicing location. Residents can expect these activities to occur periodically between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. while work is occurring in their area.   Work will be occurring throughout October along the transmission right-of-way Between Bottom Brook and Cape Ray until planned completion.   To ensure that all residents adjacent to the transmission route are aware of these activities and have advance warning before each splice, ERJV will be using the following notification process similar to the industry standards used at rock quarries:   ·        Three (3) short bursts of a warning horn ·        Followed by a 60 second pause ·        Then the transmission wire will be spliced, which will create a loud sound similar to a clap of thunder or fireworks   If you have any questions about this activity or about the Maritime Link Project, please feel free to contact us by email: or toll-free at: 1-855-722-3373.   Emera Newfoundland & Labrador

Updated: Thursday, September 28, 2017   1:10 pm NFLD

Town of St. George's Election Results 2017

      DECLARATION OF RESULTS   Election 2017       Names of Elected Candidates No. of Votes Rec’d       1. Danny Conway 279       2. Tanya Colombe Messervey 264       3. Roland Williams 237       4. Rhonda Cramm Blanchard 235       5. Andrew Tobin 229         6. Conrad White 206       7. Michael Fleming 200       Remaining Candidates       8. Simeon Lee 164       9. Karen White 163       10. Fintan Alexander 145       11. Phillip Bennett 132       12. Shirley Anderson 111       13. Rickey Swyers 109       14. Suzanne Barry-Kroening 85   ​Debbie Woolridge (Returning Officer)      

Updated: Tuesday, September 26, 2017   9:57 pm NFLD

A Message From the Canadian Cancer Society Corner Brook

     We Are Here to Help Corner Brook Office Tel. (709) 634-6542                                  Toll free: 1-888-939-3333| Cancer Information Types of cancer and treatments Prevention Contact us for presentations to schools and community groups on how to reduce your cancer risk including topics such as smoking cessation, reducing alcohol consumption, nutrition, physical activity, sun safety, and early detection and screening. Support Services Free wigs, hats, turbans, and temporary breast prostheses Support groups  &  Look Good, Feel Better (LGFB) Workshops  

National Forest Week

NATIONAL FOREST WEEK   The Town of St. George’s recognizes September 24th – 30th, 2017 as National Forest Week.  This week is being celebrated across Canada.  We encourage our residents to learn more about the forest sector which is a valuable renewable resource.  Some ideas to celebrate this week could be to plant a tree or take a walk in the woods.  Canada’s forest sector is stronger, more diverse and more high-tech than ever.  By creating renewable wood-based products, material and energy, businesses are bringing new growth to an economy deeply rooted in healthy sustainable forests.  

Boil Water Advisory - Lifted

We wish to advise our residents that the Boil Water Advisory has been LIFTED.  

Updated: Friday, September 22, 2017   11:33 am NFLD

Indiscriminate Dumping

Again the Town is faced with more indiscriminate dumping.  During the late night hours/early morning hours of 18/19 September 2017, a fridge was dumped at the site of the former Lee's Club on Church Street.  The Town provides weekly household garbage collection as well as a Clean Up Week every spring, persons who indiscriminately dump put a burden on all taxpayers as Town resources must be used to address this problem.  We are asking if anyone has information related to the fridge that was dumped as per the pictures attached to please contact the Town Office.  Let's work together to end indiscriminate dumping.  We wish to advise those who are dumping within the town boundaries that dumping is strictly prohibited and is a chargeable offence.  All dumping is reported to the RCMP.

Updated: Thursday, September 21, 2017   2:45 pm NFLD

Leading Edge Credit Union - Offering Eco Loans

We wish to advise our residents that the Leading Edge Credit Union is now offering Eco Loans, please see poster to the right and for more information a PDF has been attached in the documents at the end of this page or follow this link:

Updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2017   1:37 pm NFLD

School Bus Meeting - 20 September, 2017

  This is a reminder that a meeting will be held at the Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium tonight at 7:00 pm with respect to the School Bus issue, we encourage all parents and anyone interested in this issue to attend.  In preparation of this meeting the Town has met with the RCMP regarding the excessive speed at which vehicles travel through this town, especially in the school zone.  Despite having an expensive speed radar sign to mitigate speeding, vehicles continue to pass through the school zone at high rates of speed.  The RCMP suggested that we periodically monitor this and to be proactive in discouraging speeding through this zone.  To this end we have received numerous complaints about speeding and the Town is doing it’s best to address this problem.  We take a serious approach to the safety of our children and hope that parents/residents & visitors will support our efforts.  

Updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2017   11:46 am NFLD

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes are extended to Town Employee Lead Hand Justin Chinn, we hope you have a great day!!!


Permit Required
This is to notify our residents that a General Repair Permit is required for all repairs on your residence including exterior painting, replacement/repair of siding, replacement/repair of windows, repairs to decks & fencing and any other general repair being conducted on the outside of your home/property, this includes any installation of oil tanks and heat pumps.  Residents performing work without a permit will be issued a stop work order until a duly authorized permit has been issued.   A Building Permit is required for all construction of buildings including Homes, Sheds, Garages & Fencing.  A Demolition Permit is required for any demolition within the municipality. An Occupancy Permit is required for all newly built homes, change in status (for example from a store into a house), and homes that have been vacant for six months or more.

Regional Government Consultations

We wish to advise our residents that the Provincial Government will be holding Consultations on Regional Government.  We encourage our residents to take part, any decision-making on regional government could impact our municipality and it's residents.  The Public Consultation in our area will be held in Stephenville on October 17th, 2017 at the Days Inn from 7:00 pm until 9:30 pm.  You must register for the session by visiting or for additional information call 709-729-5466. The Provincial Government has committed to exploring a potential model for a new regional government structure and stated this intention in The Way Forward:  Realizing Our Potential, to implement regional government and/or sharing of service pilot(s), as appropriate, by 2019.  To support this commitment, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment is conducting public consultations on regional government. Public consultations have been planned in response to concerns from residents and municipal leaders about the long term viability of the current local government system.  The province's aging population has put a strain on communities, affecting their ability to attract candidates to local government office and to deliver efficient local services.  Government has heard clearl6y that it is time to seriously explore regional government and greater regionalization as a possible solution.  

Water Flushing Maintenance Update

The flushing has been completed, however we remain on a boil water order until the government has completed a satisfactory water analysis, which should be conducted next week. Our residents are advised that Water Flushing will occur over the next few weeks commencing at 1:00 pm on 28 August 2017, during this time you may experience water discoloration and/or odour.  A precautionary boil order will be in place during the entire course of the water flushing and residents will be advised when the boil order has been lifted.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause but the work is necessary to maintain the health of our water system.

Updated: Friday, September 15, 2017   11:28 am NFLD

Fall 2017 Newsletter

To all Residents:   Let me start by saying, it has been a privilege over the past 4 years for the Council to serve the residents of this great community.  Community can be defined as many coming together with a sharing of common attitudes, interests and goals.  We strongly believe in community and it’s a truly rewarding experience for Council to serve the residents of St. George’s. Council along with Town Staff have accomplished many goals over the course of this term, some of those goals are: Ø  2017 – Renovation of the Town Hall to allow accessibility for all residents, as well as a completely new library space through 90/10 funding.  LED lighting over the rink area of the Stadium through Community Healthy Living Grant.  New self-contained breathing apparatus for our Fire Department through the Fire Protection Financial Assistance Program.  Purchase of tracks for the Skid Steer for plowing of sidewalks and winter works.  Purchase of a new salter/sander hopper to ensure winter safety of local roads.  Working with DFO with respect to the Divestiture Program for new wharfing, this project is ongoing as we are awaiting allocation of Federal Funding.  Waste Water Flow monitoring through gas tax funding. Ø  2016 – Permanent Horizontal Lifeline was installed at the Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium to ensure safety of Town Employee’s while working on lower roofing, accomplished through gas tax funding.  Completion of Tobin’s Lift Station Retrofit through 90/10 funding.  Purchase of new ½ ton truck for Town of St. George’s Public Works.  Purchase of confined space entry equipment to comply with OH&S regulations for employees.  Purchase of a POS (Debit Machine) and setting up of direct payment through the Leading Edge Credit Union for the convenience of our residents when paying taxes or purchasing permits.  A number of ditching projects on local roads through gas tax funding.  Completion of the recreation project which included upgrades to the Ballfield and the entirely new portion of the playground located at OLOM through 90/10 funding.  Ø  2015 – Paving of Harview’s Lane, Harview’s Lane Extension and Sullivan’s Lane under gas tax funding.  The installation of alarm systems at the Fire Hall, Town Hall and Maintenance Garage.  Pressure Reducing Valve building was completed through 90/10 funding.  St. George’s Waste Water Treatment Plant Engineering through 90/10 funding.  Paging system for the Fire Department through Fire Protection Financial Assistance at 90/10 funding. Ø  2014 – Purchase of a 1 Ton truck for Public Works to be used for the transport of supplies as well as winter snow clearing.  Purchase of CAT Loader for Public Works, again for all associated public works and snow clearing.  Completion of St. George’s Fire Hall through 90/10 funding.  Completion of Lift Station upgrades including computerized monitoring SCADA System through 90/10 funding.  Water well upgrades through 90/10 funding as well as Disinfection Building and training. Council has worked tirelessly on behalf of our residents to ensure that services are delivered within budget and without the burden of unnecessarily raising taxes.  Each and every decision is made based upon the information presented at the time and upon the requirements of the Municipalities Act 1999, Town of St. George’s Development Regulations 2011, the Urban and Rural Planning Act 2000, National Building Code of Canada and any other available documentation or Acts that we are obligated to follow. I want to acknowledge Councillor Gerard Carroll for his efforts as our Recreation Chairman, he has spent countless hours ensuring the viability of the Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium which is reflected in vastly increased usage.  We are incredibly fortunate to have a recreation complex in a small town that can be used and enjoyed by our residents, especially our children. To Councillor Alison White whose initiative in keeping our town green is very much appreciated, she has hosted training on compost use and made considerable strides in starting a community garden, which we are hoping will come to fruition in 2018. To Deputy Mayor Tobin and Councillor Simeon Lee for the countless hours they spent in contract negotiations for town employees with NAPE, your dedication is commendable. To Councillors Fintan Alexander and Charlie Foote, thank you for providing your expertise and experience in the construction industry and advising Council on the do’s and don’ts in construction related issues your commitment to the betterment of the town and is its residents is appreciated. To the Staff, please know that your hard work, determination, cooperation, knowledge and guidance has not gone unnoticed and we thank-you. Lastly to our Residents who have supported council over the past 4 years, it has been our privilege to have served such an incredible community. Sincerely,   Daniel Conway Mayor    

Open Meeting - School Bussing

The Town of St. George's will be hosting an open Meeting on 20 September 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium (Lounge) with respect to School Bussing in our municipality.  Board Trustee Mr. Wayne Lee for Western Zone 6 Newfoundland and Labrador English School District has accepted our invitation to attend.  MHA Scott Reid will also be in attendance along with Mayor Danny Conway and other municipal Councillors & Staff.  We invite parents and all who are interested in School Bussing to attend.

Updated: Wednesday, September 13, 2017   3:58 pm NFLD

Agenda - Special Meeting September 11, 2017 - Updated

The Agenda for the Special Meeting of September 11, 2017 has been posted under municipality tab minutes.

Mayor's March Heart & Stroke Foundation

The Town of St. George's would like to thank those who walked in the Mayor's March today in aid of the Heart & Stroke Foundation.  As well our thanks are extended to the St. George's Fire Department for keeping the route safe along the way and for providing the barbecue afterwards.  We acknowledge all those who donated to this great cause with grateful appreciation.  Participants from left to right back row - Mayor Danny Conway, Darlene Bennett, Rhonda Cramm-Blanchard, Jocelyn Butt, Debbie Woolridge & Deputy Mayor Andy Tobin - front row Fire Fighters Shantel Tobin, Claude Bennett and Tyler Bennett.

Updated: Saturday, September 9, 2017   12:29 pm NFLD

Casual Rink Assistant

The Town of St. George's is looking for the right person to fill a temporary casual job vacancy as Rink Assistant.  Under the direction of Town Management and/or Public Works Supervisor's the Rink Assistant maintains and cleans the recreation facility (Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium) and operates related equipment in accordance with the Town's policies. Position Type:  Casual - Anticipated Start Date - 23 October, 2017  Applications will be accepted until 17 September 2017 Duties and Responsibilities (include but are not limited to): ·        Perform basic maintenance for entire facility including areas used by public and secure areas.  This includes minor repairs, painting, preventative maintenance and other duties as assigned. ·        Operate equipment including, ice making, janitorial and building maintenance. ·        Perform janitorial duties including sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing and glass cleaning of facilities. ·        Enforce all rules and regulations regarding public health and safety. ·        Ensure facility is locked, secured and system security armed when not in use. ·        Inspect and repair boards. ·        Maintain dressing rooms and other areas within the stadium. ·        Follow scheduling and divide tasks accordingly. ·        Respond to emergencies. ·        Assist in the preparation of events and programs which may include setting up and taking down of tables, chairs, nets, etc. ·        Create a positive experience for user groups including preparing the ice surface for rentals in a timely fashion, ensuring dressing rooms are               assigned accordingly, answering inquires about the facility, handling complaints and providing solutions and or/resolutions. ·        Be available to user groups. Additional information may be obtained by visiting Resumes may be Emailed to: or by Fax to:  709-647-3411    

Speed Limit Reminder

As our children will be returning to School tomorrow, please remember that our school zone speed limit from the intersection of Station Road/Court House Road to Hayes Lane along Main Street is 30km from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.  Please obey all posted speed limits and keep our children safe, we have many walkers and we depend upon our motorists to slow down and be aware.  

Updated: Tuesday, September 5, 2017   4:54 pm NFLD

Update - Town Office/Library Renovation

We wish to advise our residents that the Town Office & Library renovation anticipated completion date is 13 October, 2017.  The projected move date will be October 16th, 2017.  This project was a long time in the making and was approved by the Province in 2016 after the original 2014 submission, under 90/10 funding, the provinces financial responsibility is 90% and the Town is responsible for the other 10%.  At the end of this project the Town Office and Chamber Council will be accessible to all residents of St. George's as an accessibility ramp is being installed; an accessible washroom will also be available. The renovation will also provide better privacy at the counter for our residents as the Library has been moved.  The Library will be housed in the old Fire Bay which is being completely renovated and again accessible to all residents and visitors, this also includes an accessible washroom.  We will keep our residents informed about the Town Office and Library opening as work is completed.    

Agenda - Council Meeting September 5th, 2017

The Agenda for the Regular Council Meeting of September 5th has been published under the municipality tab, minutes.

Updated: Friday, September 1, 2017   3:33 pm NFLD

Municipal Election 2017 - Nomination List

NOMINATIONS FOR MUNICIPAL ELECTION 2017 TOWN OF ST. GEORGE’S   Shirley Anderson Roland Williams Fintan Alexander Andrew Tobin Simeon Lee Daniel Conway Conrad White Suzanne Barry-Kroening Phillip Bennett Karen White Ricky Swyers Michael Fleming Rhonda Cramm-Blanchard Tanya Messervey  

Updated: Tuesday, August 29, 2017   8:07 pm NFLD

Town Ball Field

We wish to advise our residents that the ball field directly across from the stadium is for the recreation of our ballplayers both adult and children.   People wishing to run their dogs are asked to keep their pets off of this ballfield, the old ballfield maybe used as a dog run, but please remember to stoop & scoop behind your dog, it is the responsibility of the owner to clean up after their pets, thanking you in advance for your cooperation. 

Updated: Monday, August 21, 2017   1:35 pm NFLD

Precautionary Boil Order Haye's Lane

We wish to advise our residents that a precautionary boil order is in effect for Haye's Lane.  Residents of Haye's Lane will be advised when the boil order has been lifted.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our residents today for the sudden water shut off, due to a valve leak shutting off the entire Lane could not be avoided, again our sincere apologies for not advising the residents at the time of the occurrence.      

Updated: Thursday, August 17, 2017   4:40 pm NFLD

A Cultural Approach to Violence & Bullying Prevention

To your left please see information for the Dancers and Drummers of the New Dawn registration.  Qalipu First Nation is offering a new and unique approcah to violence prevention.

Updated: Tuesday, August 15, 2017   2:06 pm NFLD

#MakeYourMark Campaign

MNL expands #MakeYourMark campaign to encourage more candidates to come forward for municipal office. 
Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador
August 15, 2017
New website provides resources to candidates running for municipal council  

August 15, 2017 - Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador expands #MakeYourMark campaign to encourage more candidates to come forward for municipal office.

Supporting this campaign is a dynamic website contains videos, testimonials and resources that will help people understand the “Why” and “How To” become involved in municipal government.  This site will also be a permanent resource for potential candidates, current members of council, and administrators for this election, future by-elections and the 2021 municipal general election.  

“The #MakeYourMark campaign is our call to action.  Make Your Mark should inspire everyday residents to make the leap into municipal government and tip the scales in favour for people not yet decided to run for council. If you’re thinking about throwing your hat in the ring, this site is a good place to pick up some planning tips and other resources you’ll need along the campaign trail.
Mayor Karen Oldford, President of MNL

“I encourage all residents to consider putting their name forward to run in the municipal election in September. The Make Your Mark campaign provides support and information to candidates on the election process. I hope all residents will exercise their right to vote next month on how we shape our municipal governments throughout the province.”
Honourable Eddie Joyce, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment

Make Your Mark is a long term, public engagement initiative of MNL. As stewards of the municipal sector, the MNL Board of Directors believe recruitment of potential candidates and citizen engagement: both to get involved through municipal committees or simply by learning more about how municipalities work is critical in preserving our local democracy.


The Make Your Mark campaign was created by the Provincial Government in 2009 under the leadership of Honourable Dianne Whalen.  MNL is pleased to take this initiative to the next level of civic engagement with support from Minister Eddie Joyce and the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment.
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45% of municipalities had a contested election in 2013. (VitalSigns® 2016) 25% of municipalities were unable to fill all of the positions on their council. (Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment) 37% of councillors are women. (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) 3.5% of councillors are under 35. (VitalSigns® 2016)
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Municipalities Newfoundland & Labrador (MNL) was formed in 1951 as an umbrella organization mandated to represent and support local government in Newfoundland and Labrador. MNL represents the 276 incorporated municipalities in the province that service 89 per cent of the population and their more than 2,000 leaders.
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Updated: Tuesday, August 15, 2017   1:12 pm NFLD

Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium Lighting Retrofit

The St. George's Parks and Recreation Commission Inc. and the Town of St. George's acknowledges with grateful appreciation the Department of Seniors, Wellness and Social Development for their contribution through the Community Healthy Living Fund for the Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium Lighting Retrofit.  The 14 metal halide lights that once hung over the ice surface have now been replaced with dimmable Albeo LED Luminaire High Bay Lighting.  This lighting is bright and has mitigated the dark spots that once existed, it's energy efficient producing 24,000 lumens which produces exceptional lighting.  Without the support of the Department of Seniors, Wellness and Social Deveopment this initiative would not have been possible.  We also wish to extend thanks to MHA Scott Reid for the guidance he provided as well as supporting our request.  

Mayor's March for Heart & Stroke Foundation (Date Change)


We wish to inform our residents on September 9th, 2017 at 10:00am the Mayor's March in aid of the Heart & Stroke Foundation will be held to raise money and awareness with respect to Heart Disease and Stroke.  The   walk will start from the corner of Brake's Road and Main Street to the Fire Hall and we hope that our community will get involved.  Sponsor Sheets will be available at the Town Office starting 24 July, 2017.  At the end of the walk drinks and snacks will be provided.  PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN THIS WORTHY EVENT.
Communities and Councils across Newfoundland and Labrador will unite to help fight the number one killer of men and women in our province. Heart Disease and Stroke affect nearly everyone in our community, it's time to fight back.   

Updated: Thursday, August 10, 2017   11:25 am NFLD


The town has again received a number of complaints regarding indiscriminate dumping, most recently a mattress was dumped at the end of the causeway near Turf Point, a number of items have been dumped on the old Gypsum Road as well at Pitt Road.  Please be advised that INDISCRIMINATE DUMPING within the town boundaries is strictly prohibited and is a chareable offence.  All dumping will be reported to the RCMP.  Garbage is picked up weekly in Town and a Clean Up Week is held every spring, there is absolutely no reason why dumping should occur within this Town. 

Updated: Tuesday, August 8, 2017   1:20 pm NFLD

Agenda - Regular Council Meeting August 8th, 2017

We wish to advise our residents that the Agenda has been posted for the Regular Council Meeting of August 8th, 2017 under the Municipality Tab - Minutes.

Updated: Friday, August 4, 2017   11:34 am NFLD

Municipal Election 2017

2017 MUNICIPAL ELECTION RUNNING FOR MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW   The Municipal Election will be held on September 26th, 2017. Serving on Council provides people with an opportunity to contribute to their town while fostering a sense of personal growth, learning and development.  Being a member of an effective and accountable council provides the satisfaction of serving your fellow residents and building the future of your town. Why should you run for Municipal Government? ·       To participate in the highest order of public service in Canada. ·       To be part of the team that makes decisions on behalf of the entire municipality. ·       To promote community awareness and improve the quality of life in your municipality. ·       To commit to a 4-year term and have the time to make a regular contribution to the operation of your municipality. Are you qualified? ·       You are eligible to vote in the municipality in which you are nominated. ·       You are not in arrears of taxes or other charges to the council. ·       You have lived in the municipality for at least 30 days before the commencement of the nomination period. ·       You are an employee of the council other than clerk, manager or paid department head, provided that you have requested and received a leave of absence from your position with the council. What power does Council have? ·       Council derives its primary authority from the Municipalities Act, 1999. ·       The municipality can only be committed to a decision through a motion of council at a public council meeting. What can you expect? ·       To participate in decision-making for the benefit of your municipality. ·       To make decisions that affect the day to day lives of citizens of your community. ·       To maintain and improve economic opportunities and the social fabric of your municipality. ·       Regular interaction and support from provincial organizations. What responsibilities does Council have? ·       To make decisions as a team and establish policies regarding the provision of municipal services. ·       To provide direction for the operation of the municipality. ·       To ensure that the municipality’s financial and personnel resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. What is the role of the Administrator? ·       Administrators implement the policies and carry out the decisions of council. ·       The knowledge, experience and training of your municipality’s administrative staff can be a tremendous asset to both prospective and elected councillors alike. ·       The staff can provide valuable information on the operation of the municipality, the structure of council and municipal issues. The role of a Councillor: Following his or her election, each councillor is required to take an oath of office.  In doing so, new councillors not only swear to affirm that they are “fully qualified” to sit on council, but that they will faithfully perform the duties of councillor.  Municipal councillors have a responsibility to provide balance in decision making, for sound financial oversight, effective communications, to maintain relations with other levels of government and to comply with relevant legislation. Conduct of Councillors: You assume a significant responsibility on behalf of your town and its residents.   A council meeting is a forum of procedure and councillors new and experienced should always be mindful to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner. Disclosure Statement: You are required to complete an annual disclosure statement outlining your business and property interests in the town within 60 days of taking office.  Councillor disclosure statements are reviewed at a privileged meeting of council within 30 days after filing – this is to provide councillors with a sense of each other’s financial interests. Conflict of Interest: Section 207 of the Municipalities Act, 1999 states: (1) A councillor shall not vote on or speak to a matter before the council or a committee of the council where (a) The councillor has a monetary interest in the matter distinct from an interest arising from his or her functions as a councillor; (b) The councillor has a monetary interest directly or indirectly in the matter; (c)  A relative of the councillor has a monetary interest in the matter; or (d) The councillor is an officer, employee or agent of an incorporated or unincorporated company, or other association of persons, that has a monetary interest in the matter. Section 208 of the Municipalities Act, 1999 states: (1) Where a councillor has an interest described in subsection 207(1), the councillor shall (a) State that he or she has that interest; and (b) State the nature of the interest at the beginning of the discussion on the matter in whish he or she has the interest, and the statement respecting his or her interest shall be recorded in the minutes of council or a committee of council, where that statement was made at a committee meeting (2) Where a councillor declaring a conflict of interest under subsection (1) is the presiding officer, he or she shall vacate the chair. (3) Where a councillor declares a conflict of interest under subsection (1) he or she shall immediately leave the meeting while the matter on which he or she has a conflict is being discussed. Council has a responsibility to vacate the seat of a councillor in a conflict of interest.   Liability of Councillors and Council: Improper use of council materials or machinery – Councillors must not give the appearance they are taking advantage of their position.  Individual councillors are liable for criminal charges (such as theft) for the misuse or misappropriation of town property, equipment, and materials or labour.  A councillor may face civil lawsuits for damages brought by citizens seeking to recover the cost of misappropriations.  Because councillors are effectively trustees for citizens, they are personally responsible if found guilty of fraud or misuse of municipal property or funds. Influence peddling or accepting a bribe – it is an offence in the Criminal Code of Canada for a municipal officer to accept any form of loan, reward, advantage or benefit in exchange for abstaining from or voting on a motion before council or a committee, or for performing or failing to perform an official act. Responsibility for actions on Council - Municipal councillors do not enjoy parliamentary immunity as do elected provincial and federal representatives, meaning a councillor can be sued for defamatory statements made about an individual or group during a council meeting. A councillor may be held liable for actions related to voting, and failure to perform a statutory responsibility may result in proceedings under Section 419 of the Municipalities Act, 1999.  A councillor may be responsible for the costs of an action launched by a citizen to force council to meet its statutory responsibilities. In addition, there are sections of the Municipalities Act, 1999 which prohibit council from taking certain action.  If council passes an illegal (or ultra vires) resolution, councillors who voted in favour or who otherwise voted in contravention of the Act may be legally liable for damages. The liability of Council – Municipalities are corporations and can sue and be sued for inadequate enforcement of regulations or breach of contract.  Municipal liability has two basic categories: misfeasance refers to a proven act of wrongdoing while non-feasance refers to a situation in which a council takes no action on a matter.  In general, a municipality is not liable for non-feasance if council is not required to act by statute. Negligence implies a failure to act with such care as would normally be expected in the circumstances.  A municipality may be liable for damages due to negligence such as the non-repair of municipal property or the poor performance of an employee.  Canadian Courts have categorized actions permitted under discretionary authority as being either policy planning (no liability) or operation (liability possible). Distinction between Policy and Administration The normal interaction between elected councillors and hired administrators produces an overlap between policy and administration, it is essential to establish a working distinction between the policy role of council and the administrative role of the council staff. Policy – Policy is the collective, incremental decisions a council makes on a subject over a period of time.  To ensure consistency, council’s decisions are recorded and an updated record of council policy is maintained.  Councils spend most of their time establishing policy, leaving administration to the staff. Administration – Administration is putting council policy into practice.  Once policy is established, staff acts without further reference to council, other than providing action and progress reports.  Responsibility for policy administration is clearly defined in employment contracts and job descriptions.  

Updated: Thursday, August 3, 2017   2:57 pm NFLD

Information from FireSmart Canada

Please see this very relevant information has been supplied by our local Forestry Office with respect to being aware of action that can be taken to make our homes and community FireSmart.

Be Fire Smart Home & Site Hazard Assessment

Please see the Be Fire Smart Home & Site Assessment Part 1.

Be Fire Smart Home & Site Hazard Assessment

Please see the Be Fire Smart Home & Site Assessment Part 2.

Sewer Flushing

Sewer Repair
During preventative maintenance of our sewer system today our Public Works Lead came across blockages caused by items such as swiffer cloths and socks being flushed down toilets.  It's imperative for the proper running of the sewer system that residents refrain from flushing items such as swiffer clothes, wipes, socks, paper towel, industrial paper towel, and all other like items.  Sewer blockages can result in costly repairs.  Please remember that if a blockage occurs on the residents side of the curb stop, it is the residents responsibility for repairs.  

Flushing Commencing 27 June, 2017

We wish to advise our residents that flushing of our water lines will commence on June 27th and may last up to three weeks.  During this period you may experience discoloration of water or odour, running your water until it runs clear will resolve either of these potential issues.  Flushing is necessary to maintain our water and sewer system.  Thanking our residents in advance for their cooperation.

Updated: Sunday, June 25, 2017   10:15 am NFLD

Town Office - Relocated Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium

  We wish to advise our residents that our temporary move is now complete and the Town Office is now located at the Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium.  The move to this temporary location is expected to last approximately 4 months while the Town Office on Main Street is being renovated.  Phone numbers we can be reached at are as follows: 709-647-3283 or 709-647-3741 Fax Number is:  709-647-3411 At this time Public Wifi is available at Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium, anyone wishing to avail of this service is encouraged to do so. Just a reminder - June 26th is a Statutory Holiday and the Town Office will be closed.

Updated: Friday, June 23, 2017   10:41 am NFLD

Provincial Stakeholder Sessions for the Legalization of Cannabis

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is seeking input on the legalization of cannabis (including non-medical use).  This is of particular interest to business owners as it applies to the workplace and upholding public safety.  It also gives all individuals an opportunity to provide input by way of a survey.  The survey is included in the link below:

Ball Hockey - Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium - Cancellation

Effective 13 June, 2017, rental for ball hockey will be cancelled for the remainder of the summer months as a result of upcoming renovations and the ice surface being required for storage.  The Town regrets the inconvenience this causes to our renters.

Updated: Friday, June 9, 2017   10:09 am NFLD

Town Update

May 24, 2017   To all Residents,   On behalf of myself, the Deputy Mayor, Councillors and Staff, I’d like to provide our residents with an update on town activities over the past 5 months.  The past several months have been quite busy, the winter months saw snow clearing on nearly a daily basis and when it wasn’t snowing our staff was busy pushing snow back while making every effort to keep the streets cleared for the safety and comfort of our residents. The Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium saw a record breaking year for use.  Minor Hockey and Can Skate Programs were successful as well as adult hockey leagues and we sincerely thank the volunteers who provide their time selflessly for the children involved in Minor Hockey and Can Skate.  The Family Free Skates sponsored by Emera, Rokstad, the Leading Edge Credit Union and an anonymous company was a resounding success which provided exercise and enjoyment to our families.  The bowling alley was well used for general bowling and league bowling alike. We have made every effort to engage Transportation and Works with respect to our provincially owned roads (Barachois Drive, Main Street & Steel Mountain Road) in so far as writing the Minister to ensure that these roads and road shoulders are brought up to a reasonable standard.  With that being said I’ve invited our local MHA to our next Council Meeting to further discuss this issue. The Town Office will be renovated this year to allow greater accessibility for our aging residents.  We firmly believe that every resident should have access to this building for counter service and to attend Council Meetings if they so wish.  The renovation will see a ramp installed with both the Town Office and Town Chambers being fully accessible.  Once the renovation starts which is projected for early July the office staff will move to the Siki Bennett Memorial Stadium and the Library will be closed until completion.  Completion of this project should take approximately 4 months. This year is an election year for all Newfoundland and Labrador Municipalities, the election will take place on September 26th and residents will be advised of all Election information prior to that date.  Nominations for election will take place between August 29th and September 5th, the specific date during that timeframe will be published on the Town Website, throughout the town and in a local newspaper.  If you are interested in municipal politics now is the time to get involved.  Should you have any questions regarding the process our Town Clerk and Town Manager will gladly answer any questions.  I want to remind our residents that we are here to serve the residents of this great town, we do this within municipal guidelines, regulations and applicable legislation, and we do our best to meet your needs.  All Newfoundlanders have felt the pinch of excess taxation and our Municipality is no different.  For 2017 taxes were not increased despite a substantial increase in overall inflation.  That inflation affected every service we provide from the purchasing of gas for Town Equipment to the purchase of water & sewer supplies.    Municipalities are the only sector of Government that are required to balance their budget, we cannot run a deficit.  We are doing our utmost to work within our budget while providing all necessary services and we thank our residents for their understanding during times of financial constraint. In closing, just a reminder to please subscribe to our newsletter through the town website, you’ll get emails about all upcoming events, water outages, closures etc. simply go to to join.  We wish you a happy and safe summer.   Sincerely,   Daniel Conway Mayor Town of St. George’s

Burning Prohibited

We wish to remind our residents of the list of materials prohibited from Burning in a Fire.  Permits for burning must be obtained from the local Forestry Office, this is in effect from May 1 - September 30, 2017.  Attached in the documents is the Consolidated Newfoundland and Labrador Regulation 11/96 (Forest Fire Regulations under the Forestry Act).    

Updated: Tuesday, May 16, 2017   11:46 am NFLD

School Zone Speed

We wish to notify our residents that the statistics we've received from the speed radar sign indicates that a mere 35% of vehicles travelling through the school zone are abiding by the speed limit.  The average speed from the available data through the school zone is between 46km and 60km per hour with a high of 96km recorded on March 27th, 2017 at 3:10 pm, this is completely unacceptable in a regulated 30km zone. We must reiterate that the 30km zone is for the safety of our children. A letter is being sent to the local RCMP detachment with the current statistics requesting a concentrated effort of patrols throughout the school day in an effort to mitigate the excessive speed in which vehicles are travelling through our town. It has also been noticed that many of the vehicles not abiding by the posted speed limit are on the way to the two schools in this zone.  We implore our residents and visitors to our community to abide by all posted regulated speed signage.  Please reduce your speed.  The school zone speed sign records all data from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday. 

Updated: Monday, May 15, 2017   8:54 am NFLD

Town Road Conditions

We wish to advise our residents that we have been in contact with the department of Transportation and Works about the issues with the provincially owned roads which are Main Street, Barachois Drive and Steel Mountain Road.  We've been assured that they are aware of the issues and potholes, ditching, etc. will be addressed as required.  No dates were given but requests for repairs have been submitted, including grading of the road shoulders that were damaged last week.  With respect to our local roads we will address these issues after the spring thaw (once the road has settled), at that time we will fill dirt roads as required and back drag them.  Where the water break occurred on School Road, please know that this area is monitored again, once the ground has thawed any issues will be addressed.  We thank our residents for their patience and we assure you that we will continue to lobby Transportation & Works for repairs to our roads.      


The following are the dates for Regular Council in 2017. Please be advised that dates are subject to change but residents will be advised of any changes prior to the Regular Council Meeting. The public may attend, however if you wish to speak on an item you must contact the Town Office at 647-3283 no later than the Friday prior to the meeting at 12:00 noon. REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING DATES FOR 2017   Please note the dates for Regular Council Meetings for 2017.  Occasionally due to availability Regular Council Meeting dates may be changed, however, notice will be provided on the Town Website.   January 9th, 2017 February 6th, 2017 March 6th, 2017 April 10th, 2017 May 1st, 2017 June 5th, 2017 July 4th, 2017 August 8th, 2017 September 11th, 2017 October 2nd, 2017 November 6th, 2017 December 4th, 2017


The Town would like to advise our residents & visitors that we have an issue at the top of Tank Hill on Church Street with slippery conditions, we are working hard ensuring that both snow clearing and salting/sanding are performed on a regular basis. Unfortunately due to the amount of run off from above the hill which includes Main Street and despite our best efforts this area is still quite slippery. If you must use this area while walking or driving, please use extreme caution.  Once spring arrives this issue will be addressed by Council.  Please be safe. 


The Town of St. George's wishes to advise our residents that only emergency related curb stop water shut offs will occur during the period 1 December, 2016 - 30 April, 2017.  Freezing during the cold winter months can cause water line breakage that could potentially result in considerable damage.


We like to update our residents on the municipal properties for sale within the Town of St. George's.

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