Agenda For Dec 14th 2023 Meeting


Town of St. George’s

Regular Council Meeting

December14th  , 2023 @ 6 pm

Council Chambers

  1. Call to Order
  2. Adoption of Agenda December 14tth, 2023
  3. Adoption of Minutes November 9th, 2023
  4. Proclamation
  5. Business arising from Minutes (Action Report)
  6. General Business
  7. Correspondence

1.Letter from All North Recommending Payment to J & J Paving $309,200.50

2.Coffee Break Alzheimer Society

3.Stephenville Emergency Food Services

4.RCMP Wish Trees- Make A Wish

5.Stephenville Community Church

6.Jenny Sullivan-nature Conservatory

b) Permits

                              No permits

c) Payables

d) Committee Reports

               (a) Finances

                              (1) Bank/Loan Balances

                              (2)  Aged Receivables

               (b)Stadium/ Recreation

                              1.Financial statement Stadium up to November 30th 2023

               2. Letter from Stadium Committee

               (c)Fire Department– 4 Calls

                              1 Vehicle, 1 Vehicle fire, 2 Medical calls

  • Unfinished Business
  • Hiring -Bowling Alley

      8.Round Table

      9. New Business

               a) Budget 2024 Approval

              b) 2024 Tax structure Approval

              c) 2024 Tax Recovery Plan Approval

             d) Rescind motion to borrow money from credit union

             e) Lead Hand Assistant

              f) ATTIPA

    10. Privileged-

    11.  Next Council Meeting January 11th, 2024

    12. Adjournment