Boil order On When water Return Today From Boyds lane to the end of Shallop Cove


The Municipality of

St. George’s

(enter name of municipality)

has issued a Boil Water Advisory


Boyd’s Lane to The end of Shallop Cove

as of

December 11 2023

(enter the area encompassed by the boil water advisory)                                          (date)

The boil water advisory has been issued for the following reason(s):

Þ  Water Outage/Water Line Repair



Consumers are advised to bring water that you might ingest to a rigorous rolling boil for one (1) minute.

For example, boil water used for:

Þ  drinking

Þ brushing teeth

Þ  making ice

Þ  cooking

Þ washing fruits and vegetables

Þ making coffee/tea and other hot drinks

Þ making juice from concentrate and powders

Þ making infant formula and cereal

For further information about the Boil Water Advisory, please call:

Municipal office:


Town Manager709-649-8663
Regional Health Authority:  709-643-8700
NOTE: If using a home water treatment unit (e.g. filter), please read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.