Spring Clean Up Week

Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up 2024 – April 29th to May 3rd

Spring Clean-Up is the special collection of general household items that are too bulky for normal collection.  During this period, residents are requested to make a special effort to clean up their properties.  Residents are asked to have all items out to the curb by Monday morning at 7:00am.  Once an area has been completed, it will not be collected again.  All items must be placed near the curbside / roadside.

All items must be separated into the approved piles Metal – Bulk & Household. 

Items for pickup must be bagged or bound (no more than 40lbs) as large piles of small debris will not be collected unless it is contained.  Maximum length for any item is 4 feet (48 inches).  Items must still follow Sort It Western Guidelines using clear or blue bags.

Acceptable Max weight 40 pounds   Max length – 4 feet Piles Must Be Sorted Separately     Metal   Household Appliances: Stove, Washer, Dryer, Microwave, Hot Water Tank, Fridges, Freezers,  FurnacesLawn Mowers, Generators and Power Saws:  MUST be drained of oil and gas.BBQ’s – No propane tanksSmall Automotive Parts – under 40 lbs   Bulk & Household   Household Furniture: Sofas, Chairs, Dressers, Table & Chairs, Mattress & Box Springs, Lawn FurnitureChildren’s Toys, Bicycles /TricyclesBroken Glass (Safely packaged)Light Fixtures, Fans: Floor & CeilingTextiles – (Clothing or Bedding)Small Appliances  Unacceptable   Compostable Materials: Grass,  Branches, Leaves, Lumber, Pallets, TreesAutomotive Parts exceeding 40 lbs Sled bodies / Sleds / ATV Frames / Side by Side FramesConstruction / Renovation Material including drywall, roof shingles, bricks, cement or concrete, windows, doors, etcFire Extinguishers, Welding Tanks, Air Tank or any other Pressurized Tank. Propane TanksVehicle BatteriesTires Gas CansOil Tanks Medical WasteLiquid WasteHazardous, Explosive or Toxic WastePaint products (i.e. all household paint products and containers, paint aerosols of all types and automotive, craft and industrial paint)Electronic Waste (E-Waste) (i.e. display devices such as TVs and monitors, desktop printers and scanners, computers, cellular and non-cellular telephones, audio and video game systems.  

All items must be bagged or contained – No exceptions –

Any items not contained will not be picked up.