Fire Department


Leave a concise message detailing your emergency and location after the tone which will instantly be broadcast to the pagers of all firefighters.

St. George's Fire Department Roster

Fire Chief: Walter White
Deputy Fire Chief: Nikkia O’Brien

Crew #1:
Captain: Stan Harper
Assistant Captain: Arty LaSaga
Theoadore Bennett
Allan McLean
Claude Bennett
Kenny Lee
Jeffery Lee

Crew #2:
Captain: Justin Chinn
Assistant Captain: Kevin Dumphy
Harry Piercey
Brian Bennett
Tyler Bennett
Jordon Bennett
Cornelius King
Kody Lucas

Founded in 1971, the St. George’s Volunteer Fire Department responds to a wide variety of emergency calls every year.

These calls include fires of all sizes, various types of rescues, car accidents, weather related emergencies and mutual aid to other fire departments that have reciprocal mutual aid agreements. Firefighters responding to these emergencies are area residents that volunteer and dedicate countless hours of training and community service.