Road Work Underway starting Tomorrow

Just wanted to advise residents that roadwork on Colsons Crescent, Shore road, Garniers Lane to correct Drainage Issues will be going ahead in the Starting tomorrow.

159. (1) A council may

             (a)  break up, dig, excavate and open up highways, or real property, whether publicly or privately owned, that may be necessary to operate, construct, maintain, repair or improve a system described in section 156;

             (b)  pass and repass and carry material over highways or real property described in paragraph (a); and

             (c)  lay down pipes, drains and other components of systems described in section 156 upon or in the lands described in paragraph (a).

             (2)  Notwithstanding subsection (1), a council shall not enter upon, break up or otherwise interfere with a highway vested in the Crown under section 5 of the Works, Services and Transportation Act without the written consent of the minister responsible for that Act under the Executive Council Act .

Thank you

and Sorry for any inconvenience

Approved by Council