St.Georges Spring Cleanup

MAY 1st to May 5th

Spring Clean-Up is the special collection of general household items that are too bulky for normal collection.  During this period, residents are requested to make a special effort to clean up their properties.  Residents are asked to have all items out to the curb by Monday morning at 7:00am.  Once an area has been completed, it will not be collected again.  All items must be placed near the curbside / roadside.

All items must be separated into the three approved piles Metal – Bulk or Household. 

Items for pickup must be bagged, boxed or bound (no more than 40lbs) as large piles of small debris will not be collected unless it is contained.  Maximum length for any item is 4 feet (48 inches).  Items must still follow Sort It Western Guidelines using blue or clear bags.

Acceptable Max weight 40 pounds  Max length – 4 feet Piles Must Be Sorted Separately   Metal Household Appliances: Stove, Washer, Dryer, Microwave, Hot Water TankLawn Mowers, Generators and Power Saws:  MUST be drained of oil and gas.BBQ’s – No propane tanksVehicle Parts – small – under 40 lbsFridges / Freezers / Furnaces   Bulk Bicycles /Tricycles, Children’s Larger Toys & ItemsHousehold Furniture: Sofas, Chairs, Dressers, Desk, Kitchen Table & Chairs, Mattress & Box Springs, Toilets, Lawn FurnitureFiberglass Insulation – Must Be Bagged/SealedWood: Pallets, Lumber, Decks, Plywood – Max 4 ft lengthDoors, Windows, Patio Doors – Glass must be tapedCarpet / Linoleum / Tiles – Max 4 ft lengthFencing Wire – Must be bound or tiedShelving / cupboards or countertops – Max 4 ft length   Household Light Fixtures, Fans: Floor & CeilingPaint Cans – Lids Off & Completely DryTextiles – (Clothing or Bedding)Toys 0r Small AppliancesUnacceptable   Compostable Materials: Grass, Weeds, Branches, Leaves, Etc.Car Parts exceeding 40 lbs including axles, door, rear ends, gas or diesel tanks, bonnets, truck liners, truck caps, etc.Sled bodies / Sleds / ATV Frames / Side by Side FramesRenovation Material including drywall, roof shingles, bricks, cement or concrete.Fire Extinguishers, Welding Tanks, Air Tank or any other Pressurized Tank. Propane TanksVehicle BatteriesTires – Vehicle, ATV/UTV & BicycleGas CansOil Tanks Medical WasteLiquid WasteHazardous Materials:  Used Oil, Tar Buckets, Paint Cans with Paint, Poisons, Chemicals, Solvents, Explosive Material, Toxic MaterialElectrical Wire Electronics:  TV’s, Computer Monitors & Towers, Video Gaming Systems, Stereos

All items must be bagged, boxed or contained – No exceptions –Any items not contained will not be picked up.

residents are being requested to sort material into the three piles.  The reason for this request is that we have different trucks collecting different items at different times.  We have a bulk truck that only collects bulk, a metal truck for metal and trucks that collect small / bagged or boxed items.  Different trucks go to each location at different times.  It is clearly stated that a street will be done once with no backtracking. This becomes a problem when residents don’t sort their waste into respective piles as our team spends a lot of time (which increases our labor costs), and gas expenses when we have already completed a location and we get requested to go back for items that were hidden by other larger items.   

For example – metal is put out and then large bulky furniture is placed on top of the metal and then small items are placed on top of that.  Our metal crew can’t see the metal, they move on and then we are struggling with being requested to go back through various homes in a community when the resident did not follow the rules.  This year with the highly increased cost of diesel fuel, labor and vehicle expenses – we cannot continue to absorb costs for backtracking to locations that we have already gone by.   

As a small business, we cannot afford to have our teams sorting waste for residents; it is an additional expense that we should not have to incur due to the guidelines not being followed.    

We are requesting your support –